Marie's Green Beans Almondine

January 9th 2015

017   Over the weekend I got some sad news. My husbands' step grandmother Marie had passed away, she lived a long and beautiful life. I met her fifteen years or so ago, she was always kind, made me feel included, and not judgemental. ...Continue Reading

Resolution Soup

January 5th 2015

resolution Well yep, I think that the bloggers block is gone!  My recipe by no means is anything too spectacular, more practical, predictable, maybe even a lil' boring, which I think is what most of humanity goes for in reality anyhow.  Folks ...Continue Reading

Fitness is killing my food mojo!

October 22nd 2014

SNL_0618_08_Pumping_Up_With_Hans_and_Franz Why hello i've decided on a overly wordy post on how trying to be a fit and healthy person is really messing with my ability to blog about food. I've been actively working with a trainer since like May-ish with ...Continue Reading

Korean Style Pan-seared tofu and the magic of gochujang.

September 24th 2014

tofu2 Folks feel pretty conflicted about tofu, they either love or hate it....there is no "meh" with soy curd. I digs it, although perhaps eating it raw has been more of an acquired taste, I could eat it once a day and ...Continue Reading

Sorta Succotash

September 17th 2014

succatash In life we make a lot of assumptions, this I think can be a dangerous way to filter out people or ideas. My analogy for this in a food related sense would be on a shopping trip I made the other ...Continue Reading

Labor day chicken enchiladas

September 2nd 2014

enchiladas I am very sad to report our chicken "Tupac" was attacked by a racoon on Saturday and sucummed to injuries. I take death so hard, she was a great chicken and I admit it,I got attached. I probably should've tried to ...Continue Reading

Greek style cheese pies (Tyropita) and the plight of the lonely extrovert.

August 18th 2014

tyropita7 Life, it will kill ya! Well had some recent disappointments, reality cooking show redemption is on hold perhaps forever….don’t you love rejection emails? I sure do….not. But onward and upward…in all actuality, besides feeling sorry for myself and reflecting on what ...Continue Reading

Balsamic strawberry spoon cake with poppy seeds

July 23rd 2014

strawcake So I had a smashing time at the Kenton farmer's market on Friday! The berries were especially lovely, and by buying in bulk I got a screaming deal on some strawberries. We ate most of them au natural but I had ...Continue Reading

Rustic Lentils and Barley ala crock pot

July 18th 2014

IMG_0582 You know that feeling when you finally feel like you are home? Well I haven't felt that way in quite a few years....and finally I feel that sentimental braingasm of belonging that isn't really familiar to me. With all the anxiety ...Continue Reading

Underground Panna Cotta with Grapefruit & broiled Orange

July 9th 2014

underground Wow!  Feel like i've been gone forever, we have successfully moved into our own home, but not successfully unpacked yet. It has been awesomely stressful as with most things that are good decisions.  I have also gone to Seattle, and to ...Continue Reading