Quick Shrimp + Asparagus

May 19th 2015

009 With Spring quickly turning into Summer I wanted to share another asparagus recipe while its still at its best. With trying to eat a healthier diet it helps to have some quick and light recipes in the rotation. Shrimp is a ...Continue Reading

Fruity Fluffer

May 15th 2015

333 This is one of those "You can take the girl outta Utah, but you can't take the Utah outta the girl!" recipes. This is in essence a fruit salad, made slightly more "classy" than the original that I have had at ...Continue Reading

Burrata and Broccoli raab crostini

April 18th 2015

burrata raab If Heaven had a flavor it would be burrata....wow...when you think of the real down and dirty porn of food...think this sultry Italian cheese. Burrata is a type of mozzarella with a soft, delicate, center. Fragile to the touch it ...Continue Reading

Not Spaghetti O's.

April 14th 2015

IMG_1176 I really do think canned pasta is a travesty! That and frozen pot pies are some childhood not-favs....I seriously dry heave just thinking about spaghetti o's! So I thought it would be fun to make a version of many kids favorite, ...Continue Reading

Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Astoria.

March 28th 2015

  001 IMG_0995 IMG_0989 IMG_0997 When we first moved up here nearly four years ago, one of the first ...Continue Reading

Pork Souvlaki

March 12th 2015

pork souvlaki 003 One of my very first memories of cooking is when I was about three and I was sitting on the large butcher block in my parents Greek food lounge on 27th St. in downtown Ogden, Utah. My mother would ...Continue Reading

Sesame crusted Ahi

March 8th 2015

009 How much of life is experienced as "happy accidents"? I know from personal experience "The Plan" rarely turns out as per what my mind has imagined, and mostly causes disappointment. But sometimes on a rare occasion, in a magically, mediocre place, ...Continue Reading

Soy Ginger Ramen with greens

February 21st 2015

soygingram I know whenever I go visit my family back in my hometown, there will usually be two events I can count on....first we will at some point eat my childhood comfort food of packaged ramen and we go to a Japanese ...Continue Reading

Citrus shrimp and lentils

January 30th 2015

lentils and shrimp 006 Blood oranges are the sexiest of the citrus family! When I see them in season I always get excited, and most stores up here pimp out the best that Cali has to offer, since our climate doesn't suit ...Continue Reading

Soul food sides: Collard greens with smoked turkey leg

January 21st 2015

collards 005 What is "Soul Food"? I guess to me it is food that was with made with love, putting your soul into it, it doesn't have to be fancy, but it is always good (so if you driving through at 2am ...Continue Reading