Slow roasted chicken with barbeque sauce

September 12th 2015

002 Fridays are usually a night where we take the kids to pizza or grab burgers, but recently I have found going out to be inauthentic, not meaning like in a "procedure" kind of way but in "experience" sort of way. Most ...Continue Reading

Chop Suey!

September 11th 2015

019 So this dish is quite the cultural phenomenon, one of the first dishes of Chinese descent eaten by Americans its roots are in the Canton region of China and translates to basically mean "leftovers". The vegetable merchants would make and eat ...Continue Reading

Ham and Asiago pinwheels

September 3rd 2015

010 Do you need a drinking buddy? Sure we all do...and today I'm inviting ham and a loaf of french bread in tube that I got free with a coupon and some cheese! My first job outside of the family restaurant was ...Continue Reading

Garlic +Saffron roasted Salmon

September 1st 2015

008 My birthday is New Year's eve, and every year we would have my party at the restaurant, as my mom was usually cooking prime rib as the special, somewhere in between cooking prime rib for 100 she would make me whatever ...Continue Reading

Thai style omelette and an ode to Sriracha

August 26th 2015

007 (2) I'm currently laid out due to a back injury...I never appreciated full mobility as much as I do now, without it. But aside from feeling sorry for myself, I watched the documentary Sriracha Movie all about the hot sauce. ...Continue Reading

Day tripper: Olympia Washington.

August 23rd 2015

037 I love when I get to see friends I have had since high school. I honestly think that as you age you get more jaded, and that making friends like you had in your most awkward time in your life is ...Continue Reading

Turkey and Summer squash Keftedes with Zucchini Tzatziki

August 19th 2015

010 (2) I was recently gifted several zucchini and Summer squash from my neighbor. They may have grown a bit larger than ideal for quick sauteing which is usually my go to for these veggies, so I decided to do a play ...Continue Reading

Budget bourbon and the quest for the perfect Kentucky mule

August 16th 2015

WP_20150814_017 I really do like bourbon, straight up, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, it's refined and complex. With those types of characteristics I used to think that unless I spent $30 on a bottle (usually bulliet) it wouldn't be any ...Continue Reading

Lo mein using dried Ramen noodles

August 7th 2015

lo mein 002 You know those times in life when you realize your idea of something is a complete sham? Well I've had a few of those recently, I think this is something that comes with the decade of your 30 somethings. ...Continue Reading

At home plating and dish creation.

August 6th 2015

plate I usually make my food pretty "homestyle" or "family style"...that being said sometimes it's fun to be a bit more creative and do some plating. Food is really the only form of art that is meant to be destroyed or rather ...Continue Reading