Greek Hasselback Potato bake

April 14th 2016

Greek Hasselback Potatoes As much as I try to venture into other cuisine, I always go back to Greek food. Growing up in a American Greek restaurant/lounge family has left its mark on every facet of who I am. I honestly never wanted ...Continue Reading

Larb Satay

April 9th 2016

Larb Portland springs are the best, bipolar, but I guess that is why they are so exceptional, if you visit right now you would want to live here. No matter the 6-9 months of rain, when spring has sprung its 80 degrees and ...Continue Reading

Filipino style noodles

April 7th 2016

pancit Pancit translates to "noodles" in Filipino, brought in by the Chinese, noodles served this way are popular in Filipino culture. I tried pancit the first time at my sister's house, we were doing a family potluck and her sister in law, Veronica ...Continue Reading

One-Pot Red Wine Pasta

March 22nd 2016

rwp Lemme tell ya a lil story....its 2006, it's the Nicholas food show at the South Towne (why the "e" at the end?) expo center in Salt Lake City, UT. Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty" is the hit of the moment, blaring from ...Continue Reading

Roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce

February 29th 2016

cauliflower Food cart pods all over the city are getting the boot to allow for more high rise apartments. The beloved food cart scene in Portland could go extinct. One by one iconic carts are getting pushed out in the name of commerce. ...Continue Reading

More Thai inspired noodles...Be like Lillard, and I think i'm ready to move to Uruguay.

February 23rd 2016

padsee Yep, last week sucked royally...haha! With trying times often comes a period of growth, I guess like "April showers brings May flowers" well add about four more months to the "showers" part if you live where I live. Cancer, racism, sexism, judgmental ...Continue Reading

Updated Wedge Salad

February 3rd 2016

006 Occasionally, I will lend my opinion to those looking for cooking help via the internet but more often than not I am confronted by trolls, sometimes even the person seeking the advice! I know...I know kinda goes with the territory. Continue Reading

Coconut Chicken biryani

January 15th 2016

2016-01-14 Biryani is one of my favorite rice dishes ever, it can however, be quite labor intensive . It was only within the last 5 years or so that I was made aware of its delicious and elegant existence. Mine is based ...Continue Reading

Turkey thigh pot pies and why David Bowie is the Mozart of our time.

January 12th 2016

ziggy Jarom gave me the news last night about Ziggy Stardust/goblin king/style icon, disbelief,shock, as impossible to me as a pink unicorn walking over Cathedral bridge, he always seemed not human, immortal.From what I have read, he made the last album fully ...Continue Reading

Crock pot carne guisada (Mexican chuck Roast) tacos

January 8th 2016

crockTaco Time is anytime. Blergh! I think I watched too many documentaries in the last week, not since my "Issues in Globalization" course in college have I felt so powerless, but kind of empowered at the same time. Some folks say that ...Continue Reading