Amber Glass

March 25th 2013

IMG_20130324_132600  IMG_20130324_150423 Amber Glass is one of my favorite things.  It's basically glass that has been tinted using a mixture of sulfur and iron oxide.  The color can range from light yellow to deep ...Continue Reading

Wings?! We don't want no stinking wings! (poulet "Legs" aux Buffalo stylie)

March 23rd 2013

Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs Teriyaki and Traditional "buffalo" legs
Okay so I have cooked, cut, sauced, tossed and eaten my fair share of "buffalo wings".  The worst thing about them is washing a sink full of wing plates at 11pm at ...Continue Reading

Oven braised Corned beef and Roasted Cabbage

March 21st 2013

cornedbeef Another Saint Patrick's day has come and gone, the classic dish was boiled and served to the masses.  Now I don't really like food coloring in my beer or an entirely boiled till its gray mass entree.  Maybe i'm no fun, ...Continue Reading

Dandelion Greens....Tis the season.

March 15th 2013

SAMSUNG So I've been wanting to do some gardening this year....yesterday I went to assess my garden spot; there in the composted, weediness, sat green and lush the most appetizing looking dandelion ...Continue Reading


March 14th 2013

IMG_6256 Dolmathes, or stuffed grape leaves are one of my favorite things to make, maybe its because my mom used me as child labor starting from age 8 or so to help with labor at our restaurant.  During my formative years, about ...Continue Reading

Thrifty....the new rich?

March 13th 2013

I'll tell ya, growing up in Ogden, UT...I've done a bit of "thrifting", second hand shopping for those not in the know...haha!  Now when I was salvaging good will (DI...Utah natives will understand) it was not considered "cool".  You see much of my youth was spent in the consumerist 90's ...Continue Reading

Lettuce wraps easy, breezy, carb freezy.

March 9th 2013

wrapsSuch a fun and easy way to make a carb free and seasonal meal, anyway with you dice it, you can make these fit your tastes, I do like to use baby romaine leaves they are easy to pick up so ...Continue Reading

Vous les vous manger quiche avec moi?

March 9th 2013

quiche1 IMG_20130308_120203_1 Quiche is one of my favorite things, my take on it involves a little deviation from the norm.  For my crust I add ½ cup fried shallots (found in Asian ...Continue Reading

Alameda Brewing

March 9th 2013

Yes, it’s raining in Portland…..but that is really ok because it’s great stout beer weather!!! My featured brew du jour is Alameda’s Black Bear XX. Moving to PDX two years ago from Utah, I never really understood what ...Continue Reading

Roasted beet crostini w/ chevre

March 7th 2013

Roasted beet crostini Roasted beet and chevre crostini with baby kale,almonds,balsamic reduction. Recipe: 1 day old baguette sliced on bias 1lb fresh beets peeled and sliced lengthwise 1 shallot sliced 2 garlic cloves crushed 4 oz chevre 1 T honey olive oil salt and ...Continue Reading