Green Minestrone for Mr. Gandolfini

July 1st 2013

2013-06-30 While on vacation in my hometown I heard the bad news about James Ganolfini, he died of heart attack while on holiday in Italy. It made me ponder how quick life can stop, end, kaput, fin you’re done. Having my Dad ...Continue Reading

Easy grilled pork chops for a crowd

June 30th 2013

pork Do you remember that ad campaign for pork in the 90's it was something like "PORK, the other white meat" take that chicken! When you think outdoor grillin, pork chops probably don't come to mind, but why not? Depending on the ...Continue Reading

Fava time and the living is easy....

June 16th 2013

IMG_5066 Spring is ending and with summer just around the corner, fava beans are again at their peak. I spotted them today at the farmer's market and knew right away at $2.50 a lb now was the time to buy. They are ...Continue Reading

Cauliflower "Steak" Oscar

June 12th 2013

IMG_5013 Lately I've been obsessed with Farm to table chef Dan Barber's Cauliflower steak recipe, Food 52 is the site I found it on, so basically I adapted his recipe but put the "Oscar style" spin on it. I was thinking to ...Continue Reading

Egyptian “Koshari” inspired one-pot chicken

June 10th 2013

koshari1 Way back in 2006, my mother in law took my husband and myself on a trip to Egypt. We went in a travel group with some of her friends and it was an amazing, once in a lifetime trip. We sailed ...Continue Reading

Donburi in a hurry

June 7th 2013

donSo today I just couldn’t get my act together, I wanted to make Oyako dons for like two days. Donburi is a term the Japanese use for rice bowls. The Oyako is a chicken and the egg bowl, translating to to ...Continue Reading

Hollywood Farmer's Market

June 2nd 2013

chokes When we moved here to Portland two years ago, I didn't really know what to expect. Sure I had my ideas of what it was like, but living here has opened the door to all types of things I didn't consider ...Continue Reading

If you can't beet em' eat em'.

May 27th 2013

IMG_4833 So it always amazes me how much the quality of ingredients affect how good a dish is. You can spend all day making a dish with great technique and plating, but if your produce is old was it worth your time? ...Continue Reading

The dish that got me on and sent packing on Masterchef's season 4

May 23rd 2013

tumblr_mj99baTjjy1rtpw0zo1_1280 (1) Going on the show I thought the last thing I would need to worry about was being on the “bloopers” reel, I take pride and have confidence in my cooking.  Well oddly enough…my dish will not even be shown.  It ...Continue Reading

French onion tarts with balsamic dressed spring mix

May 21st 2013

tart2 tart 3 tart tart4 So I’ve been totally wanting French onion soup lately, but it’s not soup ...Continue Reading