Banana brulee pancakes

August 12th 2013

bruleecake My kids love pancakes, my daughter especially, I do want to feed my kids the stuff they like….but on the nutrition chart, your run of the mill pancake recipes are basically void of anything but fat, carbs, and more carbs. So ...Continue Reading

Red chard stew with chickpeas, kidney beans, and Israeli cous cous

August 11th 2013

chardOnto week three eating plant based, and aside from a couple slip ups (goat cheese and pesto were the culprits), it has been quite easy to follow, I am down a solid 8 pounds, which is nice, my complexion is more ...Continue Reading

Vegan chocolate chip muffins with flax, oats, and dried cherries.

August 8th 2013

muffins1 So the ice cream van keeps playing their annoying song on our street, every day, every hour. My 6 year old goes nuts every time she hears it and insists on getting a treat, I keep telling her no, so today ...Continue Reading

Vegan Pho that is actually as good as the beefy original

August 6th 2013

veganpho2 I think if I was on death row and had to pick my last meal, it would be Pho. Traditionally a long simmered, complicated, meat a thon, it is AWESOME(Imagine that last sentence spoken in Oprah’s voice for full impact)! I ...Continue Reading

Chile Verde with black beans and kale

August 3rd 2013

verde3So plant-based eating is such a deviation of the norm for me in many ways, but after a full week I already feel better! A few minor ailments I’ve had, no longer vex me, I feel light(er) and energized! I have ...Continue Reading

3 ingredient, no cook, chocolate + chia seed pudding

August 1st 2013

chia1 So after educating myself, by reading “Eat to live”, I got me some chia seeds and some flax. My kids always want ice cream or sweet stuff, so I did an experiment, my hypotheses was that if it has a little ...Continue Reading

Vegan miso ramen with brown rice + buckwheat noodles and mushrooms

July 31st 2013

veganramenWell, already on day five of doing my plant based cleanse and I feel really good and am down 4lbs! The one problem I have is that after reading “Eat to live” I found the recipes pretty blah….of course I like ...Continue Reading

Golden beets with amaranth and raw hazelnut pesto

July 27th 2013

beets2 Whoa Nelly, it’s basil season! Green herbage in general is exceptional this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I scored today at the farmer’s market I really did! I got some gorgeous “loose” meaning not “perfect” golden beets, whatever a ...Continue Reading

Cornflake semi-fried chicken tenders

July 26th 2013

chick3 This dish right here is probably one of the reasons I have been married so long! This hands down is my husband’s favorite meal ever. I learned this early on in our relationship, his mom makes her own version, and this ...Continue Reading

Better than having a V-8, 8 veggie Bolognese

July 25th 2013

sghett2 I don’t know how many times I hear or see folks rushing over to their local Italian chain restaurant to pay way too much to eat microwaved pasta that is easily replicated (or made better) at home for a much more ...Continue Reading