Southern style pasta bake with broccoli and cheesy, curry cream.

October 1st 2013

shells3 Ok, well the outlook is cloudy, with an outstanding chance of rain….for the next six months! So on that note I think this calls for a month of comfort foods. I will be putting my own spin on them and sharing ...Continue Reading

Green Eggs and Ham (Pancetta)

September 26th 2013

greeneggsandham My daughter is in first grade and she is totally reading like a boss. We have broadened our horizon in literature as well (See ya later Dick and Jane, wouldn’t wanna be ya!) and we are having quite a fun time ...Continue Reading

20 minute Wild Mushroom couscous

September 25th 2013

cous2With fall officially in full swing, and mushrooms being at their peak, I figured why not a fast and seasonal recipe? This side dish is quick, easy, and impressive. I found amazing Chanterelles but you can use what mushrooms look best ...Continue Reading

Autumn Rotini

September 19th 2013

rotini I really like pasta salad, although it isn’t really salad is it?  Well either way today’s recipe is a simple plant based pasta that is as tasty as it is festive.  I still had a beet and a bunch of gorgeous ...Continue Reading

Zuppa Toscana…Healthified!

September 18th 2013

zuppa2Well it’s been a while since I blogged a recipe with meat in it….but I am doing so today. I am plant based 5 days of the week, but occasionally I like to indulge in a bit of high quality, sustainable, ...Continue Reading

Fava falafel

September 17th 2013

fava Well after my third attempt at getting a falafel at the pod by our house and being rejected by Mr. Clean’s agro twin brother, (if you can’t stand talking to the general public, service is probably not your calling in life) ...Continue Reading

Mediterranean zucchini ribbon sauté with balsamic reduction

September 13th 2013

sidedish3Usually the simple things in life are the best, I truly feel that way. Today’s recipe is just that SIMPLE, basically its quick sautéed veggies with a bit of salt and fresh cracked pepper with a drizzle of balsamic reduction. This ...Continue Reading

Veggie Summer rolls with Peanut sauce

September 11th 2013

IMG_6007 Wow! If today were a candy it would be “Hot Tamales”! I know I should really be excited, soaking in all the vitamin D I can get before we get six months of straight rain and gloom. Last week was fall-like ...Continue Reading

Quick baked soft pretzels that are a fraction of the price of the mall and super easy!

September 8th 2013

pretzel1 For this week’s posts I’ve decided that I will do some kid friendly, fast, weeknight recipes. These are kid friendly and easy, but are tasty enough for everyone. School started this week and so does an added level of stress and ...Continue Reading

Faster than take-out plant based fried rice

September 7th 2013

friedrice2 Well finished with my sixth week of plant-based eating, and I am down 12 lbs. and I feel really good. Gotta be honest, I wasn’t perfect, there were some flub ups, but all things considered I feel it was a worthwhile ...Continue Reading