Oven baked “Jo Jo” potatoes, or my love letter to gas station grub.

November 3rd 2013

WP_20131103_008 I gotta say I ate some gas station food in my day…..one thing in particular was the fav.  Tater logs, basically a chicken fried potato, sometimes called “Jo jo’s”.  I remember my mom piling us into whatever 70’s station wagon we ...Continue Reading

Ghostly roasted beets with whipped feta and pepitas

October 29th 2013

ghostbeet2 Halloween is only three days away and I wanted to make sure I got another "spooky" food idea up before the season is over. I love beets, I have many a post dedicated to them and here is one for Halloween. ...Continue Reading

Romanesco cauliflower with lemon and herb dressing

October 28th 2013

IMG_6219 (2)   Went to a great store in Vancouver today, it called “Chuck’s” and it is on a whole different level of awesome then what I am used to. Not only is the help friendly and attentive, but they are locally ...Continue Reading

Focaccia I gotcha!

October 24th 2013

focaccia Well after last week’s focaccia fail I was determined to get it right this time. Throwing out all those ingredients is wasteful and totally annoying, not to mention the labor involved. But there is no use crying over ruined bread right? ...Continue Reading

Fresh Cranberry compote with lemon zest and red wine.

October 22nd 2013

WP_20131022_017 What would Thanksgiving be without cranberries? It is a must have for most, but if you are still opting for the canned variety (which I grew up on) you are missing out on a whole level of awesome that their fresh, ...Continue Reading

Autumn apple crisp

October 17th 2013

WP_20131017_012 Well it’s apple time here in the Pacific Northwest! We went out to Sauvie Island on Tuesday to get some obligatory pumpkins, but what caught my eye were the apples! At a mere $1 a pound they called out to me ...Continue Reading

Tofu Tom Yum-my ramen

October 13th 2013

tomyummy I’ve been watching the PBS series David Chang (chef/owner of Momofuku) did in 2012, and he had a really fun and non-pretentious view of instant ramen, yes that dried stuff with the salty silver packet of seasoning that you get 6 ...Continue Reading

Avgolemono chicken soup with quinoa and wild rice

October 10th 2013

avgo2 Fall is soup season, so today I made a take on one of my family's favorite. Avgolemono is a Greek way to thicken sauces or broths with eggs and lemon. When done correctly, the result is velvety texture with a kick ...Continue Reading

Mummy Calzone with bloody Bolognese

October 4th 2013

mummy5 I love Halloween! I always have, and one of the best parts of it for me is creepy food! I remember going to Halloween parties and drinking dry ice root beer and bobbing for apples. Halloween is the holiday that was ...Continue Reading

Mu Shu Vegetables (Vegan but you would never know it!)

October 3rd 2013

mushu2 Awww, Chinese food! I probably ate more Americanized Chinese as a kid then at home, so for me Chinese take-out or eat in is total comfort food. My mom worked at a restaurant called “China Nite” in my hometown, and even ...Continue Reading