Broiled ruby red grapefruit with vanilla bean or a discussion on simplicity.

February 28th 2014

broiledgrapefruit In my opinion (which you get a lot of here on my blog) I have found nothing sexier then simplicity. When you can take something or someone and just enjoy them as they are. The most beautiful things on earth are ...Continue Reading

Vegan IPA beer cheese

February 22nd 2014

ipadip I love browsing the recipes and ideas that others have to share. I was doing some reading on food52 and came across this recipe for vegan cheese and thought it sounded really easy and good. It also made me think ...Continue Reading

Lamb Biftekia with Anchovy, sundried tomato and mint sauce

February 21st 2014

WP_20140220_017 Biftekia is basically the Greek word for burger. After I graduated high school in 1999 my parents took myself and my sisters to Greece and I ate this several times, usually made with ground lamb, these were often served on skewers ...Continue Reading

Simple 7 ingredient Pico de gallo

February 18th 2014

pico For the last week and a half I have been in my hometown of Ogden, UT. The visit wasn't planned and was a result of a family emergency. The worst of it has now passed and with a ton of support ...Continue Reading

Sage Sausage and Leek stuffed mushrooms

January 29th 2014

shroom4 (2) Awww the 80's what a magical time for appetizers! When I was a kid sausage and boxed stuffing mix, stuffed mushrooms were all the rage. Some of the recipes I was reading were rather funny, cook sausage, add cream cheese, ...Continue Reading

Pork sausage Ramen with collard greens

January 25th 2014

ramen So I have been loving the "Momofuku" cookbook, but not having a brigade of cooks available to perform some of the tasks necessary, not to mention the time it takes to prep, and a two and a half year old, tiny ...Continue Reading

Gluten free, creamy polenta with rotisserie chicken cacciatore

January 23rd 2014

WP_20140122_003 Do you have those days where you fully intend on making a full meal for the family, but then once dinnertime hits you find that your plan was never put into action?  Between school, soccer, and basic “Mom” functions in general ...Continue Reading

Spanikopita Grilled cheese

January 17th 2014

WP_20140116_007 Spanikopita is a delicious spinach and feta savory pastry that is wrapped in crispy, butter laden, phyllo. Several different cultures have their own version of this treat, we are Greek so ours is very Mediterranean. A great thing for lunch or ...Continue Reading

20 minute one-pan Mediterranean shrimp and couscous

January 9th 2014

shrimpcous3 Ahhh January! Mine and many other peoples least favorite month of the whole year! It’s dreary, holiday bills are coming due, and those ten pounds of “holiday merriment” are giving me a nice muffin atop my jeans. Eating better in January ...Continue Reading

Navy Bean and Ham soup

December 27th 2013

2013-12-27 Well the holidays are nearly done, and I hate to be this way but I am awfully glad. So much pressure, Christmas, my anniversary, and birthday in a week timespan. Poor planning and in hindsight the events I had control over ...Continue Reading