Drunken Noodles

April 17th 2014

IMG_0265 I have cooked for a few drunks in my day....and this recipe right here is a great one if you want to have a great meal to accompany beer or cocktails. Traditionally in Thailand these are served to late night patrons ...Continue Reading

30 Minute Lasagna Soup

April 16th 2014

IMG_0228 What a week! I haven't been in the kitchen much, as my sister Kristina was in town and I made her go eat all the places I love and some that I haven't tried. We went to Aberdeen, WA to visit ...Continue Reading

Easter egg radishes sashimi style

April 9th 2014

radish This recipe is a fun lil' play on Japanese sashimi, I used "Easter egg" radishes a bit of ponzu, lemon zest, and dill. I like to prepare produce like you would animal protein and the result is quite tasty. I would ...Continue Reading

Greek-style Chickpea soup

April 2nd 2014

chickpea This simple recipe is a great way to enjoy chickpeas. Very popular in Greece, the ingredients and preparation are simple. The trick to flavor is the use of olive oil and slow cooking to produce a rich, and full flavored soup. ...Continue Reading

5-ingredient, one pan Chinese Broccoli Chicken

April 1st 2014

brocchix I like to call this one "Chinese take-out fake-out" because no one will know it isn't from a restaurant. Ridiculously easy there is no excuse not to cook this for your family any night of the week. It is all cooked ...Continue Reading

Tahini Noodles

March 31st 2014

noodles I really love this recipe, like it in a unhealthy almost obsessed way....why? Because it so damn tasty! If you bring this to a potluck, I promise there will be nothing left over! With a few things that stay great in ...Continue Reading

Japanese Curry

March 13th 2014

curry The other night we went down to Moon and Sixpence and had their amazing "Curry Chips", I guess in Britain this is totally a thing...a really, really, great thing! Basically its delicious French fries with curry gravy, and it is ...Continue Reading

Roasted asparagus and beet panzanella

March 11th 2014

WP_20140310_003 The best cooks in the world know how to get the most bang for their buck. Italian panzanella is a prime example of repurposing ingredients. Panzanella utilizes leftover, even stale bread and makes it a showstopping salad. Panzanella is great because ...Continue Reading

Aloo Gobi with Sweet potatoes

March 4th 2014

gobi I love Indian food but I used to rarely make it at home, as it always seemed to be missing out on a certain depth. When I first moved to Portland, I met a lady who had just relocated here from ...Continue Reading

Dirty Martini Ceviche

March 4th 2014

WP_20140303_003 I love dirty martinis, and no brand makes a better one then Five Wives Vodka produced in my hometown of Ogden Utah. I also love ceviche and figured I could do a play on both and make my own version ...Continue Reading