California Walnuts' Virtual Salad Party and a Cook Book Giveaway!

June 9th 2014

walnut3 I was recently invited to participate in California Walnuts' virtual salad party! I got to choose from several different entree salad recipes and I chose this one from Aida Mollenkamp. The recipe is Baby Beet Salad With ...Continue Reading

Grass fed, Cross rib roast

June 5th 2014

IMG_0519 (2) So I have definitely waxed poetic about Chuck's and although due to religious beliefs they aren't open Saturday and they don't have pork or beer available, I find myself finding excuses to ...Continue Reading

Tortellini and Turkey meatball soup

June 3rd 2014

336 (2) I talked about making soup with the pan juice from my Mom's Greek Roasted chicken recipe and today I actually did! I saved the pan drippings and placed them in the fridge, then I scooped ...Continue Reading

Portland Caprese

May 31st 2014

003 Summer..Summer...Summertime....let's just sit back and unwind (In the style of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (before Scientology). Ah the delights of Summer! All kinds of seasonal produce is hitting the farmer's market right now, so why not make a ...Continue Reading

Mom's Greek roasted chicken

May 29th 2014

greekchick My mom is a connoisseur of Mu-moos, she wears them with pride and frequently. They range in pattern from kittens to tacos and never fail to gather attention wherever she goes. My mom has done 8 hr shifts grill cooking in ...Continue Reading

45 minute chicken pozole

May 11th 2014

IMG_0359 When change comes in life it doesn't wait for you to catch up. Looks like we have indeed found our future home here in Portland, in fear of jinxing it that is all I will say at this point, but as ...Continue Reading

Kapama style Lamb Ragu with whole wheat orzo and rainbow chard and house hunting in Portland, Oregon.

April 29th 2014

IMG_0329 (3) Over the weekend we went house hunting here in Portland. My husband and I have been wanting to get our own place here and feel like now is the time. Our family has been here for three years and my ...Continue Reading

One night in Bangkok Salad

April 25th 2014

IMG_0318 Recent media panic has been broadcasting that we need to up the veg to eight yes EIGHT servings per day! Did I mention preferably raw?Well I can tell you I do not get enough nor does my I am on ...Continue Reading

Grecian bowl of yummy!

April 22nd 2014

IMG_0291 (2) So I love me some "Buddah Bowl" which is basically a big bowl of healthy vegetarian stuff topped with tahini dressing and eaten with good conscious. There are some great options here and even carts dedicated to the art of ...Continue Reading

A call to all my past resignations or why women should throw each another a bone.

April 18th 2014

I strategically spotted the open booth still un-bussed from the previous set of tea drinkers...a moment to read the Willamette weekly while my bombastic 2 and half year old could play in the play area and be happily distracted while I caught up on snarky articles. I needed to transport ...Continue Reading