Dee's inspired teriyaki chicken burger

September 27th 2017

dees One of my first memories is looking up at everyone’s legs from under a table in a restaurant trying with the best of my toddler -self skills to get out of the rather restrictive dress and shiny black shoe ensemble I was ...Continue Reading

Nong's Noodz

August 21st 2017

noodz2 Wasn't the eclipse amazing!? The media had made it out to be this epic traffic disaster, which it ended up being not so bad, not any worse than our usual PDX traffic! Work was crazy this weekend, however, I think the solar ...Continue Reading

The only banana bread recipe you should be using.

July 22nd 2017

img_20170720_193427354 I get so caught up in nostalgia, I have a special loyalty to somehow represent a period of time that is long over. I don’t ever really “get over” things, I carry these memories like an emotional weight vest. Some are good, ...Continue Reading

Nutella cookie cups

July 13th 2017

cookiecup2 Following your passions is essential to living life, but in order to do so you really have to throw insecurity out the window. Every time I do something that is overwhelmingly frightening, even if the end result isn’t what I hoped for, ...Continue Reading

10 life lessons I learned working at restaurants

June 28th 2017

garlic-edamame I made Tona’s garlic edamame recipe because I was craving them like crazy, and this is my favorite way to eat edamame, I got nostalgic and I was thinking about all the things I've learned working in restaurants, so I compiled ...Continue Reading

Gluten free strawberry cobbler

June 18th 2017

img_20170616_120127242_hdr School’s out for Summer (In Alice Cooper’s voice)! So I am pulling out a fun recipe using seasonal fruit and the Hogson’s mills gluten free muffin mix. This month’s Degustabox has been very fun for me. The products we have tried ...Continue Reading

Throwback classics: Spaghetti Supreme Potluck salad

June 8th 2017

supreme Nelly once rapped “Sweat, wet, gettin hot up in this joint”, welcome to Summer! With that comes the time to make recipes that won’t heat up my 100 year old Portland four square house basically no use of the oven...we still haven’t ...Continue Reading

Alambre shrimp

June 1st 2017

shrimpala We have all been to the family friendly, Tex-Mex cantinas, where things like chimichangas, frozen margaritas, and enchiladas reign supreme....we have all certainly had our heads turn when a big, sizzling plate of fajitas comes past us wafting its mouthwatering aroma from ...Continue Reading

Northern Utah Road trip 2017

May 30th 2017

18671122_1681974335149492_2746161063570095358_n I travel back to my hometown about once or twice a year, every year to visit with my family and friends. This year I agreed to run the Ogden Marathon relay with my bro, his kids, and a friend of my niece. ...Continue Reading

Nando’s Peri-Peri Shrimp in lettuce cups, cricket protein in ranch flavor and why I am ready for self driving cars.

April 18th 2017

periperishrimp Okay I am going to get right down to it….first Degusta review and recipe, I was recently told by another blogger, that he hates having to read the backstory on food blogs to get to the recipe, so for those folks I ...Continue Reading